Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This is a picture actually from Maai Mahiu, Kenya from this past summer with CTC International. One night, we were coming home from a nice dinner in Nairobi, and we got to see the town in its darkest form. There seemed to me an eeriness and an evil lingering behind all the trucks lined up along the highway, behind the bar and unlabeled doors. With that feeling, I had such a desire to get out of the car. To be in the midst of the darkest dark. As if I could DO anything. Maybe hoping somehow Jesus' light would shine in the midst just being in the midst of it. Anyway, I show this picture b/c it is a reminder to me of what God has called me to. Me and my sister to. The darkest places. Granted, that sounds as if there is darkness in levels. Evil is evil. Although it comes in different disguises and forms.

I was reading yesterday, and the author posed this question: "...what was it that stirred your heart over the years? Go and get it back." And I didn't know the answer when I read that question. You see, my heart has felt pretty dead lately. Like, where did my heart go? I think the work has sucked out my heart lately. Yet, I look at this picture, and I know the answer. My heart is in the midst of the darkness b/c that is where its Jesus shines.

So, tomorrow, we (my sister and I) head to Cite Soleil, Port au Prince, Haiti. To a place much like this picture. And my heart feels stirred again. I am going to get it back.

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