Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 2:

Our first wall is on one of the main streets of Cite Soleil, on a segment on a wall surrounding Aristide’s water tower.

We have 5 guys painting for us, plus a bodyguard. Lets just say our bodyguard is not the stature you would select for a role such as that, however he and the other guys watch me and Leah like hawks, so I have complete confidence.

Such a great day, highlighted by me falling with the ladder collapsing under me. That has honestly never happened before. Talk about God watching out. Landed on my painting arm, however with a little coaxing, she is doing ok ☺.

My favorite part of the day was meeting a local graffiti artist, age 24, who has tatted up Cite Soleil all over. Graffiti, an art form I love and respect, although often used for destruction in Cite Soleil, is going to be redeemed in these murals because I am having him do some of the writing and fonts for the verses the local leader wants written on the murals. SOOOO excited for that. Today, felt a surge of energy and excitement to hopefully empower local artists like this young man to do what I do and therefore empower their own people.

It is funny b/c I am pretty culturally aware of the Haitian people and their lifestyle, however, it is obvious they see through their Haitian eyes when I am painting. They interpret things differently as a different culture. For example, I was painting a Haitian man’s face today to represent the people of Haiti, however most did not understand that. Even the idea of symbolism is foreign to them. They thought it was Aristide. So, that is all to say, I can try my best as a white, 30 year old, American gal to paint a picture they will understand completely, however, it is their own people who will do that best.

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Stuart Royall said...

Thank God you are ok from the fall. Exciting to hear about all the grafitti dude has to offer!