Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 1:

Lets just say the eight 4’x8’ murals grew. And lets just say that 4’x8’ is about 1/8 of the largest wall we will be painting. LOVE IT!!

So, we will officially be painting 5 walls scattered throughout Cite Soleil. Two right on the wall circling Aristide’s water tower at the center of Cite Soleil. We could paint murals until Jesus comes back around that tower!

Such a great day with lots of guys and a token girl painting with us, all around ages 18-20 and all hungry to work. I poured the primer, and they went at it. There were so many moments that I thought, this is what I am meant to do. And it has nothing to do the paint. That feeling had everything to do with watching our Haitian brothers and sisters come alive through work, to laugh with them while putting our hands to the same goal.

I felt a surge of energy and refreshing I really needed today through work with those guys. Just more and more of a sense of destiny for Redemption Art to be a source of work for those who have no hope in that area and just want to DO something with their lives.

Not too long ago, Redemption Art intentionally set itself up to be a “business as mission,” basically meaning that it is set up to empower people through work. 10% of every sale goes towards a business as mission account to pay people like those in Cite Soleil this week. Granted, it is a project to project system right now, however hopefully, more sustainability will come in the future through frequency of projects. Being in Cite Soleil so far has reminded me more and more, that is the true purpose of Redemption Art because that is where the true redemption is.

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Stuart Royall said...

fulfilling your destiny...sounds like progress :)