Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 3:

There was a sweetest moment today. Sunday afternoon, we were painting on the street with our guys with Haitian Jesus music loudly playing in the background, and there was such peace. Like, “Ah, there is no place I would rather be.”

Here are some other moments and reasons why there is no other place I would rather be:

1)Honestly, it felt more like Jesus being on the streets painting with these guys than being inside the church walls this morning. I believe that God is doing something in this generation with and through art that is drawing people to Himself.

2)Robinson, the local leader we are working under, got on the loud speaker in Cite Soleil explaining the mural we painted, and how there is hope for the Haitian people of Cite Soleil through Christ.

3)Rounding up the guys at the end of the day, holding hands on the side of the street and praying together. Just beautiful.

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Stuart Royall said...

Sounds like church. Love, action, and praise. Go Robinson for sharing the hope of Christ. I pray for salvation to break forth! Isaiah 61