Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture above: Part of mural in Cite Soleil we did in 2009, means "life" in Creole.

So tomorrow we begin painting in Cite Soleil. Our dear friend and who we consider a brother stopped by to see us at the hostel today after we arrived in PAP, Haiti. We were just catching up a bit, and he was explaining why he wants these murals painted.

He described and area where at one time 19 men were killed at one time, and where now we will be painting. He said, "To turn a place of dark into a place of light." He described how he wants people to come to Christ through this art.

And when he shared that, I was like, "God, really? You picked me to be a part of this?" Wow. That somehow my art could do this?

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Kim Alford said...

You are just the right girl for the job!! Love you tons and pray you all are amazingly blessed!! <3