Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet the team

Camp Hope was birthed by my sister's vision to bring joy and fun to the children of Haiti. This year, we had a team of five fabulous gals....

1. Leah--My sister who really was the heartbeat of the team with her energy, relating to the people, and strength of body, mind and spirit.

2. Me--I took on the role of organizer... Nicknamed "Monica" after Monica in "Friends." And I was the art lady... leading kids in the crafts... SO FUN!!!

3. Jackie--From Maine and a fellow soccer player with Leah at Roger Williams, she was such a trooper!! This was her first trip to a 3rd world country and her grace and love for the people was amazing to see come forth.

4. Ashley--From Cali and friend of Leah's, she was the spunk of the team, making us laugh, discovering a love for cooking (she cooked our five star meals every night) and a love for nursing (She would go to the med clinic almost daily.... She is now applying to nursing school... not even a thought before this trip!!!).

5. Amanda-- From The Netherlands, our unexpected Dutch addition. We had prayed for a team of five, and who knew God would answer our prayers when we got to Haiti... She was there visiting and became our 5th team member. Her helping hands were much needed!!!

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