Thursday, August 28, 2008

Haiti as we know it

Haiti was not on my radar until two years ago when my sister decided God was leading her there to teach 3 Haitian girls who had been adopted by Dutch missionaries in this small town called Passe Cataboise in Northwest Haiti. I honestly didn't even know where Haiti was, and I quickly learned that Haiti has a really bad rap. Us Americans are told not to travel there. As I learned about the history of Haiti, God started to break my heart for it and its people. Here is a quick history lesson:

1. Columbus "discovers" the island.
2. Original people are wiped out.
3. French get the left side of the island, Spain the right.
4. Slaves are shipped over from Africa.
5. The French colony of Haiti was one of the richest places with its crops of cotton, coffee, sugar cane, cocoa.
6. 1804 Haiti gains independence from France.
7. 2008 the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Its crazy how one of the richest places is now one of the poorest.
I remember thinking while we were there this summer, "This place isn't going to get better." So, why go back? And to that I think and believe, "The light shines the brightest in the darkest place." If we can bring hope to the little kids--like little Michelda that you see above--then its worth it. We look forward to shining the light of Christ in the years to come through Camp Hope.

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