Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mural 4 and Camp Hope in Haiti

This verse has compelled us: "Go and make disciples..." (My sister here reading a Creole bible with one of the kids.)

So, we go...

Wilfet, a young disciple of Christ.

Louvna, another disciple of Christ...

Men who have gotten their first bible.

Teaching the kiddos the Word of God during camp.

Learning about Creation and all that God created.

Teaching them the big picture of the world.

With lots of fun!

And lots of art!
For the mural, I had many helpers...

Who says you can't paint a mural in your underwear?

Or use people as ladders?

Or as stools?

Evens was one of my best helpers. Eager every day.
As was Wilfet.

My Haitian brothers.

I prayed about what to paint this year.

I painted a message about family.

I painted a prayer that families would be restored in Haiti.
The verse written in Creole is from John 13:34: "Love each other.
As I have loved you, so you should love each other." Louvna
suggested it.


Jessica Williamson said...

there was such a spirit of peace and love as you guys left and we came in...we saw fruit of your labors :) thank you for loving and for speaking truth, you have made an eternal difference in the lives of those people. love you, sweet sister.

Stuart Royall said...


What a vision of peace, truth, love and intentional community development for Christ. I am amazed at the pics and hope we can download a few by the way of the website with your permission. I was so encouraged to see the pics with the new bibles. Wilfet is a marked man for Jesus!

The Mangerchine's said...

I miss you Caitlin!!!!! I love the mural, your pictures, and your dedication to loving and serving the people of all nations!

Hope the rest of Perspectives was good for ya, and that all is well!

Love you!!!!!