Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So, on December 29, 2008, I ventured to Haiti for the 3rd time. This time, to deliver with my sister and two other gals (Jess--nursing student; Anna--photographer) relief funds for a building project in Passe Catabois (NW mountains of Haiti). My main mission was to complete the third mural outside of the hospital there.

Here are the Top 10 highlights:

10) Riding in the back of an old-school Toyota pick-up truck with 40 people, including two small babies in my lap and a heavy-duty backpack on my back.

9) Seeing my friend Marie-Jeanette, a 13 year old girl who always helps me with the murals.

8) Seeing two 17 month old twin baby girls (who were severely malnourished and looked about 6 months old) smile (see above).

7) Loving on little girls who smelled like pee.

6) Starting pen pals with youth in Haiti and youth in the US.

5) Seeing all the people helping me with the mural--from little children to grown men.

4) Seeing everyone come out of the hospital to play and sit in the sun and watch the mural develop.

3) Seeing Wilfet (a teenage boy who worked with us this summer and we're hoping became a believer this past summer) march and say in creole "Walking with Jesus".

2) Elode, a little 8 year old girl, cling to me as I held her the last time.

1) Sharing the gospel with my sister through serving, and seeing her go hard for Jesus and showing him to others through her love.

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