Monday, June 22, 2009

Your Visual Voice

I have been reading a book about finding your visual voice. I wish I read this book years ago. I guess God's timing is perfect though.

What has really resonated with me is the fact that I, or any other artist, should not try to be like another artist--I am my own and knowing what inspires me is the most important thing.

I might like so-and-so's style, and I might wish I was more like this or that in the paint... However, the reality is, if I try to be a certain way in the paint and it is not my nature, then I will be dissatisfied on many fronts.

The author gave an example of a friend of hers who really liked another artist's loose style, so she tried to paint in a more loose form. However, by nature she was a realist, and "because she tried to follow someone else's path, she eventually became so frustrated that she quit painting altogether."

Today, I feel more confident than ever about my style, and that is because I am confident in The Inspiration. So glad to be at this point.

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The Mangerchine's said...

great lessons! love you and miss you!