Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little Bit About...

The murals below are murals that were completed with the help of various youth and community members either in Myrtle Beach or in Haiti. Their description is as follows:

1. The Myrtle Beach Mall mural (11' x 65') was a collaboration of Myrtle Beach Mall and Loris Healthcare System to promote wellness, community, and caring. I had fourth teenage youth from two different youth agencies help me complete the mural.

2. The Miracle League Memorial Mural (8' x 65') was a collaboration between The Grand Strand Miracle League, The Waccamaw Youth Center, and SOS Healthcare, Inc. Six youth helped me complete this mural. The youth were the initiators in doing this mural and also were key in brainstorming the images for the mural.

3. The Abiding Village Mural (11' x 65') was for an urban arts center for at-risk youth. One youth helped me complete this mural.

4. The Haiti Murals (10' x 40') began in 2006. The two here were completed in 2006 and 2008. The Haitian community modelled for me, gave me advice, and helped me complete the murals each year.

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Jessica Williamson said...

i love to see your work =) and i love you!